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Clubs & Committees

Eco Committee & Club

Eco Committee is a friendly club for children at B.R.P.S. The committee is made of representatives from each class, years 2 to years 4. We meet during lunchtime to discuss Eco matters - how to promote and maintain a healthy, eco‑friendly lifestyle.

Eco ClubWe also have a group of enthusiastic Eco Club members who have a keen interest in Eco issues. Our Eco Reps and club members take part in a variety of activities during lunchtime – litter picking, sowing and watering plants, as well as building willow domes, etc.

Eco Club has its own notice board within school which they keep updated. Minutes are kept of all meetings and they are displayed on our eco notice board.

We use school assemblies to raise awareness of eco activities; the whole school get opportunities to participate through competitions.

Adults on the Eco Committee include Mrs Gould, our Head teacher, Mrs Pratt (class teacher), Mrs French (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Symes (Teaching Assistant).

Liaison Squad at B.R.P.S

Olympic t-shirt projectLiaison Squad is a friendly School Steering Committee at B.R.P.S. Representatives are drawn from each class in key stage 2, years 3 and 4.

We meet once every fortnight, to discuss, organise or do activities that relate to global learning. Sometimes, we meet more regularly when we are working on a project or when we have to prepare presentations to report to the whole school.

The squad work on joint projects with partner schools, and we use assemblies to report activities to the whole school. We usually communicate by post, emails or via Skype.

Gift from a partner schoolAims of Global school partnership:

  • raise awareness of our pupils’ national and international identity
  • ensure our pupils are aware of issues that are global
  • provide pupils with direct communication to children in different parts of the World
  • give our pupils an insight into the everyday lives (the similarities and differences) of children from a different locality to themselves
  • allow our pupils to appreciate a culture that is likely to be very different from their own
  • understand issues affecting communities far away that are specific to that locality
  • promote enjoyment and excitement of having a friendship link with groups of children living far away
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