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Year 2 Woburn Trip



Brain Smart Day


Here are a few pictures of some of the activities run on our latest "Brain Smart Day."







Keystage 1 Tennis Day

Year 2 Art Trail Day

On Monday the children from year 2 were visited by the Sustrans Art Trail Artist. With their help the children created lots of pieces or art including 2 whole class pieces which will be on display along the Sustrans Art trail near the Danish Camp during August.

If you would like a map of the Art Trail then please visit the office to collect one.




Dr Bike

On the 26th of February we had a Dr Bike visit the school to repair any bike that needed fixing or just wanted checking. There were so many bikes that we had to ask him to come back on the 10th of March as well. In total over 30 bikes were checked almost all of them are now ready to be used.

I look forward to seeing lots of the children using their bikes to come to school now that the weather is getting better.



World Book Day

Last week there were lots of different book characters walking around the school. Here are some pictures of them reading the books that they may have come from.


Decoration Day


The whole school spent the day making things for christmas including cards and decoration.

Here are some of the things they made.



Brain Smart Day


We all spent a day doing activities based on our own intelligence types.

Here are some of the activities we have done.


Keystage 1



Building Day

Children used a variety of building materials to build lots of different things including castles and bridges.


Acting Day

They created their own costumes and performed plays.


Languages Day

The children learnt about Spain including some words in spanish.



Keystage 2


Tie Dye

They made tye-dye tops and decorated cds and I'm sure you'll agree the tops look fantastic.


Craft Day

In craft day the children made firework pictures and Guy Fawkes models amongst other creative things.


Survival Day

Whilst stranded on a deserted island the children had to survive by building a shelter, going on a nighttime(blindfolded) expedition and foraging for food, avoiding the poisonous plants.







The whole school have been learning about the way their brain works and the different and individual ways that they learn.

Here is some of the work they have been doing.




Some of year 1's brains with stars for some of the things they will learn this year.



















What should I do to keep a healthy brain?








A salt dough model of the brain including the different sections made by the year 4 children.


Neurons connected into a series.

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